How to become a Call center agent

Published: 30th June 2008
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How to become a Call center agent
Do you want to apply as a call center agent? Does it excite you to enter this exciting field because many of your friends do? If you are interested in a call center job, let this article guide you. This article will give you a clearer understanding of what a call center is and what call center agents do. 

Before we move on, let us define what a call center is. Knowing the set up and the prime responsibilities of a call center agent will help you decide if this is the job for you. It may be good for some of your friends, but is it good for you to work in a call center? You decide.

What is a call center?
A call center is a centralized office where volumes of calls are handled. It may be a call center for a large marketing company or a call center for a collection of companies where products and services vary.

A call center handles sales, sales support, debt collection, lead generation, and other customer service functions.

Call centers operate 24/7/365. This is the reason why you will hear people working starting at wee hours and ending in the morning. This is specially so for call centers serving overseas clients.

What does a call center agent do?
A call center agent is the person that answers calls or generates calls. They either handle calls singly or transfer it to higher level if her expertise does not suffice.

They sell products, offer services, or act as technical support for their clients customers.

Products training are necessary for call center agent in order for them to be able to provide the assistance necessary for their callers or clients as the case may be.

Problems encountered by call center agents
Safety is a foremost concern. Some agents end their shift at 2:00 a.m. while others start their shifts by then. If you will travel to and from your home at this hour, it may be dangerous. To answer this problem, some call centers provide quarters where agents may stay over to avoid traveling too early in the morning.

Unrealistic targets - because some call center agents are good, the pattern of setting targets made it difficult for some call center agents to follow.

Cramped office environment - some people find it difficult to work with limited space.

A call center is a good place for people with sales background. Even for people without sales background the training may suffice for the requirement. Before you apply however, research the call center you want to apply to. Do they protect their employees with a place to stay after a wee-hour shift? Do they give good benefits?

If they do, hop on the call center bandwagon, join the many call center agents happy with their job.

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